Our company

Greenland Overseas Manpower Services is a duly licensed recruitment agency based in the Philippines. Professionally managed and operated by team of Well-Experienced and Professional Recruitment Specialist.

The Company provides a qualified and well-experienced Skilled and Professional Workers to different parts of Asia, Europe and North & South America.

We guarantee a full outsourcing service for the entire recruitment process of candidates for employment overseas. We provide trusted, consultative services by truly listening and responding to the needs of our clients. Our operations work with different industry sectors, employing a simple yet effective approach to each project. We pride ourselves in bringing a disciplined and comprehensive approach to the staffing requirements of our valued clients, and we are dedicated in helping a company achieve its specific human resource needs.

Is formed by a team of experts from Philippines and Japan with many years’ experience in the comprehensive support of companies, establishments, institutions, and different sectors both public and private in the area of selection and recruitment of deserving and qualified personnel. We guarantee a full outsourcing service for the entire recruitment process of candidates for employment overseas and abroad.

Our mission

“We are committed in providing a high quality of outsourced employment that will suits the needs of every Industry we engaged with, and to enable us in creating opportunities for the Filipino talents.”

Our Vision

“To be one of the leading providers of a high-quality recruitment service with extreme professional satisfaction to Employers and aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers”

Our values

Greenland works and operates with respect and reliable service to its Clients and to every Filipino talent who seek opportunities, and to ensure that the best service is always presence to everyday operations for professional progress and growth, Greenland will uphold these values:

a. Timeliness – we are committed in working with specific schedules inline with the timeline of the recruitment process.

b. Responsibility – we understand our responsibility to fulfill our commitment to our Clients and Job Seekers with urgency and accountability inherent in those commitments.

c. Quality – Greenland is always focus in providing outstanding results, through search strategies in finding a well-experienced and qualified talents as we are committed in delivering premium value to our clients.

d. Transparency – we valued our Clients and every Job Seekers in which we make sure that all things that they need to know must be share openly.