Recruitment Procedures & Requirements

Accreditation Procedures

Accreditation to POEA as a registered foreign principal/employer is of utmost importance to allow us to source and deploy workers under your company. Greenland shall provide the necessary templates of required recruitment documents for POEA accreditation. We will review the recruitment documents before having it verified in Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) of the host country. We will make sure that once it has been submitted to POLO, they will be able to verify and approved it immediately. We shall also personally submit the POLO verified recruitment documents at POEA to ensure that it is approved at the earliest.

Registration of the Principal or Employer thru accreditation of job order at POLO/Philippine Consulate with the attached requirements:

Below forms will be provided by agency and to be fill-up and signed by both parties

a. Recruitment Agreement

b. Special Power of Attorney

c. Manpower Request

d. Master Employment Contract

e. Contingency Plan

Principal/Employer should provide the ff documents also:

a. Valid company license

b. Visa proof of owner of company/representative

Once all these documents are signed and notarized, it will be brought to Philippine Embassy/POLO for verification and authentication. After it has been verified and authenticated by POLO it will sent back to the Agency and then Agency will submit the verified and authenticated documents to Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.